Commercial Tenant Services

The most important service most business owners don’t know about

Our areas of expertise in commercial Tenant representation include Office, Retail, Light Industrial, Warehouse, Daycare and Restaurant Businesses.

Every business is designed to offer a specific set of skills. Ours is designed to find other businesses the best location to operate under optimal terms and conditions.


  • We assess your current and foreseeable business needs from a Commercial Leasing perspective.
  • We continually review and re-assess your needs as required throughout the process.
  • Clarity, communication and transparency are central to all of our services.


  • To find the right space for our Clients, we employ cutting edge technology as well as time-honoured door knocking and warm-calling techniques.
  • We rely on ever-expanding relationships with brokers, property managers and landlords.
  • Our network allows our Clients to access a broad range of available properties, whether they are listed privately, on the MLS, in Brokerage mail-outs or off market/pocket opportunities.


  • We have been highly successful in negotiating favorable Lease terms for our Tenant Clients.
  • We use custom clauses and conditions to ensure our Clients’ receive the highest level of protection.
  • To offset the risk inherent in a Commercial Lease, we use strategic Conditions to assess the property.
  • Our services include the coordination and scheduling of trades, inspections and professional services.


  • Our service carries our Clients’ to the Commencement Date, to ensure a smooth transfer of possession.
  • After Closing, we remain available to our Clients to assist with Fit Up, applying for licensing, setting up services and becoming familiar with the property and neighbourhood.

Find the best location for your business

We can help.