Residential Buyer Services

It’s your most important investment. It has to be done right.

The process of discussing, clarifying and prioritizing Buyer needs is just as important as the strategy and process of searching for the right home. We take in the big picture and zero in on what matters most.


We strive to really know our clients. To achieve this, we carefully assess your real estate and lifestyle needs using our customizable process.

Through discussion of your Needs and Wants, we organize a comprehensive list of what matters most, and stay ultra-focused on key attributes.


Search Process In A Nutshell

Through a rigorous market search, both manual and automated, we carefully identify promising neighbourhoods that meet your needs. We arrange and attend all viewings with you, focusing on aspects of the property that will affect both your experience and investment.

10-Step Search Process

  1. Buyer Needs review re: lot, location and home
  2. Define search criteria
  3. Set up manual and automated search parameters on MLS Matrix
  4. Set up Buyer Client Portal on MLS
  5. Perform outreach to network for unlisted / exclusive properties
  6. Warm-Calling to unlisted property owners if applicable
  7. Analyze and Discuss results of searches
  8. Schedule viewings for refined list of properties
  9. Periodic and/or spontaneous revision of your search parameters as circumstances require
  10. Repeat last step until we find the right home for you!


Offer Process In A Nutshell

The Offer Process when buying a home will be unique for every person and every property. Negotiations can run smoothly and quickly, but can also at times be complex and prolonged. The Conditional Period can produce results that reinforce your confidence in the home. In other cases your conditions shed light on potential issues with the home, lot or required financing.

There can be significant variations to your Offer Process, such as multiple offers, power of sale, redevelopment, vacant land and condominiums, but this list offers a general guideline.

10-Step Offer Process

  1. Pre-Offer Viewing, Market Analysis and Property Evaluation
  2. Offer is drafted on appropriate OREA Agreement of Purchase & Sale with custom clauses and conditions used to protect and benefit our Buyer clients
  3. Offer is negotiated on terms and price until it is accepted
  4. Deposit is delivered for deposit to the Listing Brokerage’s Real Estate Trust Account OR held in our Trust account if a Seller is not represented by a Brokerage or if a Listing Brokerage does not operate a Real Estate Trust Account.
  5. Conditional Period ensues; Ex: Inspections, Financing, Insurance, Septic, Well, HVAC, Zoning, approvals and other due diligence
  6. Based on due diligence results, terms and price may be renegotiated
  7. Conditions are Fulfilled or Waived OR Offer is Terminated if conditions cannot be fulfilled to Buyer’s satisfaction, and Deposit is returned in full to the Buyer. Search process re-starts.
  8. Pre-Closing Final Walkthrough
  9. Meet with lawyer to review and sign final documents
  10. Closing Day


We offer arms-length referrals to trusted lending professionals. We have a strict policy of accepting no kick-backs or compensation for referrals we make to lenders and any of our trusted professional service providers.

Pre-Qualifying Vs. Pre-Approved

There is variability to the terminology used by different lenders with respect to preliminary financing reviews.
It is important to have a clear understanding of what a particular lender will require, in addition to the information provided for the preliminary review, to approve a loan on a specific property.

Mortgage Application – Required Information*

  • Proof of Employment
  • Net Worth Statement / statement of assets
  • Most recent pay stub if applicable
  • Past 2 years CRA Notice of Assessment
  • Up-to-date documentation of all loans
  • Valid Government ID
  • Proof of down payment and its source

* Lenders will have differing requirements. The above is a selection of commonly required information, but is not universal or exhaustive. Buyers must confirm requirements with their chosen lender(s).


Our fees, known as Cooperating Brokerage Fees, are paid by the Seller, through the Seller’s Lawyer and/or Listing (Seller’s) Brokerage. The fees and applicable taxes (HST) are drawn from the proceeds of the sale. The amount of our fee varies, depending on the price of particular property and what the Seller/ is offering cooperating fee. The cooperating fee will always be known prior to viewing a property and/or the drafting of an offer, whichever comes first.

Our Buyer Clients do not pay our fee out of pocket.

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